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Import iCalendar files to your iPhone / iPad

If you try to open iCalendar (.ics) files directly on your iPhone or iPad, you will receive a message stating that it "Couldn't Load File" or that "This file type can't be viewed":

We're not going to let that stop us...

Attach the iCalendar file(s) to an email and send it to yourself. If someone else has sent you the iCalendar files, you may omit this step.

Run your email client and select the message containing the iCalendar files:

Select the first iCalendar file (we'll use "A" platoon as an example). The contents of the iCalendar file will be displayed; touch "Add All" in the upper-right corner of the message dialog:

If you don't have already have a calendar for that platoon, touch "New Calendar...":

If you are creating a calendar, give it a name (we used "A-Plt"), assign a color, then touch "Done":

Select the calendar into which your messages will be imported and touch "Done":

You will be returned to the dialog displaying the contents of the iCalendar file:

Touch anywhere on the screen to close the dialog; file import is complete:

Repeat steps as required for each additional platoon; admire your work:

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