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Printing Images on Calendars

In response to user requests, we added printing support for user-specified images in version 5.4.0 (.jpg and .bmp); support for .png images was added in version 5.5.3.

In version 6, we switched to the new Windows Imaging Component, which encapsulates graphics operations and allows us to include support for TIF and GIF graphics as well.

The Windows Imaging Component is not supported in Windows 2000, so users of Windows 2000 continue to have legacy support for .bmp, .jpg, and .png files.

Images are automatically scaled to fit in the available space, but the user has the option of disabling this feature.

To select an image, choose File | Print Options, then click on the Images button. This will open the "Image Files" dialog, where the user may browse to an image file by clicking on one of the buttons (Monthly, Annual, or Organizer).

A preview of the selected image will appear in the dialog.

The Save button can be used to set default images.

To close the dialog and apply the settings (with or without saving), click on Ok.

ShiftCal automatically scales your images to fit within designated areas on each type of printed calendar. Scaling can be turned off by selecting the "Not" radio button.

Key point: Non-scaled images may yield unexpected results.

For further information, contact Tech Support.

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